Hayat Surveillance

The Hayat Surveillance app, developed by AKDN dHRC in collaboration with the Aga Khan Health Service, Pakistan (AKHS, P), is a tablet-based, digital surveillance tool for use by health workers and designated community volunteers working at AKHS, P clinics and labs to provide population-level surveillance and reporting in terms of COVID-19 disease tracking in remote regions.

The app, implemented in the Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral region, aims to trace and track patients, who are suspected, probable or confirmed to have contracted COVID-19, through home care, referral for advanced care, lab results (PCR and immunoassays), and disease outcome and to trace and track close contacts of probable and confirmed patients with COVID-19.

The app is helping develop a powerful database and portal for the reporting and monitoring of COVID-19 cases, their progress and isolation efforts to help health care administrators and policymakers understand the geographic spread and map hot spots of the outbreak in order to design response strategies. This will help identify outbreaks and clusters early during future outbreaks so prevention and response measures can be taken in an appropriate and timely manner and also guide prevention and early alarm activities such as vaccination and sero-surveillance.

The Hayat Surveillance tool is Android-based and is a component of the Hayat app, which is already being used in select regions in Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral by community health workers.